The Beginning…

Perhaps my first challenge should be to get a calendar. LOL  In my intro email I sent out last week I said I’d start on Tuesday, June 1. Unfortunately Tuesday is May 31.  To keep the momentum, I thought I’d stick with the Tuesday part of the message instead of waiting for the 1st on Wednesday.  I also figure it’s best to get this thing off the ground.  I believe there is a quote that says “Motivation is what get’s you started, habit is what keeps you going“.

So here we go.

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

And so I have.  I’m not going to stay where I am.  So with that let the change begin.

In my intro I mentioned a few challenges that would not be set on a specific day, rather they just have to be completed within the next 30 days.  These challenges are :

* Meet 5 new people
* Renew 5 distant/lost relationships
* Remove 5 unhealthy relationships
* Do 5 random acts of kindness
* Tell 5 people why you appreciate them

As these challenges happen I’ll update the progress on that days’ blog.

Fate has decided, or rather the random number generator on my Droid, that the specific daily challenge for tomorrow, Tuesday, May 31 is :

* to declutter, by whatever definition seems fitting, whether mentally, physically, or emotionally.

Check back tomorrow evening to see how I decided to interpret “declutter” and what and how I did.

If you’ve done any similar “decluttering”, please feel free to share.



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