betterME Day 1 : Declutter D-Day

betterME | Day 1 – Declutter D-day

The Day 1 challenge : to declutter, by whatever definition seems fitting, whether mentally, physically, or emotionally.

For today I decided that doing a physical declutter of my living space was typical and cliche.  While that is something I definitely need to do, I decided to add that to the list as a separate challenge (it will probably have to be a weekend thing).  Instead I decided to focus on a social declutter.

What is a social declutter?  Well, my Facebook has 353 “friends” on it, most of which I’ve never met, never will, and rarely talk to.  Their feeds fill my wall and I blaze past them to get to news from real friends.  I don’t know what we have in common, how we became “friends” or if we’ve even communicated on any level.

I started my declutter by removing those “friends” that I had have never met and little chance to ever meet.  I then moved on to those that I’ve never communicated with in the last 3 months.  With that, poof, 83 “friends” were removed.

I continued that theme, and delisted 35 people and services from Twitter, 15 people from FourSquare, 78 screen names from Yahoo chat, and 115 names from AIM.  Then I moved to Google where I removed 450 email contacts (GMail saves everyone you ever email or receive email from) and 15 chat contacts.

Since I was in Google I looked at my Inbox and realized that daily I would open GMail and select mail to be instantly deleted.  These were not junk/spam mail as they were genuinely emails I had signed up for. They were emails from companies, services, product updates, subscriptions, etc but I rarely read them.  So I started unsubscribing to them.  It’s amazing how easy it is.  Most emails have a small, tiny, “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom and simply clicking it removes you from the list.  In the end I will now be getting 39 less emails a day.  My In-Box has been decluttered!

One of the emails I decluttered was for a renewal of an online subscription for $3.33 to EPSN Insider, online content I subscribed to once to read a specific article and haven’t used since.  I parsed thru my emails and my bank account to find out how many of these I had.  EPSN Insider, two Pod Casts I never listen to, 3 news feeds that I never read, (I was at one point researching my family history), and 2 travel blogs.  I cancelled my subscription to all of them and will now be saving $43.77 a month.  That may not seem like a huge amount, but for me that is almost a tank of gas!

So with that my social sites are now decluttered and contain only news from people I care about, my email inbox will now actually contain valid email, and my bank account has been decluttered of useless recurring fees for things I never use.  I think I can call this challenge completed as at least now there are slightly less distractions for me.

Oh, and for the heck of it, I did declutter my desk and cubicle 🙂

What do you think?  Thoughts?  Comments??

Not too bad for a day’s work and the first challenge!  So fate, aka the Random Number Generator, has decided that tomorrow’s challenge is:

* Do something you didn’t think you could or ever would

Check back tomorrow for how I did.  Again I welcome your thoughts, comments, suggestions, feedback and even your own personal stories that may relate to an ongoing challenge that you may or may not have had success with.



2 Responses to “betterME Day 1 : Declutter D-Day”

  1. I sooo need to do this! I wonder how much stress I cause myself by the clutter that surrounds me. I will start by downsizing my wine collection…glug, glug, glug 🙂

  2. Pretty sad when $40.00 ‘almost’ buys a tank of gas! Haha. Good job! I have I think 160+ friends that I rarely talk to as well. Look forward to tomorrow’s challenge! 🙂

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