betterME Day 5 : Social Skydiving

I can have a conversation with anyone… about anything… as long as they are the one to come up to me and start the conversation.

Yesterday’s challenge was to Social Skydive for 3-5 mins.  If you don’t know what Social Skydiving is its the act of talking to random strangers.  For me this means getting out of my comfort zone.

For this challenge talking to someone in the line of their work doesn’t constitue a stranger such as talking to the barista, the clerk at the gym, the ATM (haha), etc.

For this challenge I had to be the one to start the conversation.

Yesterday was a busy day so I was working a lot and didn’t get to commit to this challenge as much as I wanted so I’m not going to mark it complete so it can come back up again.

I did get to social skydive twice though but both times it never got past real surface level chat.

I talked with a drifter in Starbucks.  I’m calling him a drifter instead of homeless because he was decently dressed, had reading glasses, though I doubt they were his, and a cellphone, though I’m not sure it worked.  He came into Starbucks and sat across from me and I just started off with a smile and “HI”.  He greeted me back and then said “I can’t afford no Starbucks but I just needed to get out of the heat”.  I continued a minute or two of idle chatter as he read the newspaper and ate coldcuts from the bag he was carrying.  I didn’t learn his name or where he was from, but I’d say we chatted for maybe 3 minutes.

A little later another guy sat across from me and started staring at my shoes (I was wearing my Vibram Five Toed Shoes).  I could tell he was interested so I just spoke up and asked if he’d seen them before.  He replied by asking if I thought they were comfortable.  Honestly the conversation revolved only about my shoes but we did talk for a good 5 mins as I explained how they were designed to emulate barefoot running.  He asked questions about running, any pain I might get from them, etc.

So nothing major, but I did at least initiate to conversations.  Small steps.   When I started betterME I wanted to do things that got me out of my comfort zone.  I didn’t say I had to jump out of it all at once.  🙂

So I think I made moderate success but definitely need to keep practicing this one.  I’ve never been one to just right out talk to someone I don’t know even at bars or parties.  That’s probably one reason I don’t really meet new people when I’m out and about.  If they come up to me and say “hi” first it’s a different story.  You’d think the person that says that one little word first wouldn’t make any difference to me, and I don’t think it does.  I just have to get past that in my head.   This challenge I will do again.

RNG says today’s challenge is

* Round up unused clothes and donate them for others to use.

I need some ideas for next week.  Please feel free to post your own ideas for  challenges.  Now that you’ve seen a few days worth you know the kinds of things I’m looking to do.


One Response to “betterME Day 5 : Social Skydiving”

  1. Very cool. People don’t talk to each other anymore because whenever somebody you don’t know says ‘hi’, most people immediately think “what do they want?”, so I commend you for stepping out of your zone and chatting it up with people. 🙂

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