betterME Day 6 : Giving to Help Others

Two updates in one day 🙂

Todays challenge was more on the easy side of things.  It was less about getting out of any comfort zones and more about making things better for others.  Remember that betterME is not only about making myself better, but making those around me better and when possible, making my world (community) better where I can.

So today’s challenge was to donate unused clothing.

I rifled thru my clothes, not once, but actually three times.  I collected t-shirts, pullovers, dress shirts, jeans, dress pants, shorts, sweaters, hoodies, windbreakers, and a raincoat.  I pulled out items that were on the bottom shelves that hadn’t been touched in a year as well as items that still had the tag on it figuring if I hadn’t worn it yet I wouldn’t wear it at all. I also put in clothes that no longer fit.  I also threw away (garbage) some old, worn out clothing as well.  In the process I also get more storage space.

It might not make a huge difference but I hope it will make some difference.

Tomorrow starts a new week and in addition to a daily challenge I’m going to start a weekly challenge, that, obviously, lasts the entire week instead of just a day.  Again Fate/Random Number Generator will pick the weekly challenge as well.

So tomorrow’s daily challenge is :

* Leave a random note in a random place that’s positive or offers encouragement

And for the week the goal is to :

* Smile and say “HI” to everyone I encounter

Ok, a week into it and I’m off and running.  Thanks for the comments and questions.  As always, you’re welcome to submit your own challenges.  Hope to hear from ya!



One Response to “betterME Day 6 : Giving to Help Others”

  1. I like the random note; very cool. I noticed a little note that was taped to the wall in the gym this morning talking about finishing each day you start. I think it was by Emerson (sp).

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