betterME Day 7 : Randomness

So today’s challenge was a little strange.  The goal was to leave a random note of encouragement for someone to find.

I took this one to heart because I’ve always been one to be find encouragement in the randomness of the universe.  I know there is God and I know that He is in control, but I also know that there are some things that are in our control and left to our actions.  A smile here, a spoken thought, deja vu, reading something in a magazine or a card or some poster that bears meaning on your current situations.

So with that I created 9 little notes that had some of my favorite quotes and sayings on them along with a little note or question for the reader.  I left one in a coffee cup at Starbucks, a book at the bookstore, a magazine in Kroger, and on a pack of gum at QT. (no the image is not of any notes I wrote, just a stock image)

I still have some left and I will place a few tonight and I actually think this lifts my own spirits so I’ll continue this tomorrow as well since I stil have some left.

Will they be found? Will they have any bearing at all?  Was it a waste?  Who knows.  But I believe that the randomness pulls things together so yes I think if someone even smiles when they find it then it was well worth it.  Plus it kinda made me feel good just doing it, so if nothing else I benefited from it.

I also made progress on the weekly goal which was to smile and/or say “hi” to everyone I meet.  This one is kinda cool and already I’ve made a few observations however I want to continue this tomorrow to see if the same pattern continues.  I will go ahead and say that if you just walk around with a smile all the time you can’t help but feel happy 🙂  Give it a try!

RNG says tomorrows challenge is:

* to do something you haven’t done in a long time.

And of course I will continue the weekly challenge mentioned above.

OK readership — time for you to step it up.  Throw me a bone and send some challenges my way.  Those that know me it’s your chance.  Perhaps something for this weekend?

I leave you with one of the quotes I put on a note.  This quote comes from the former Pastor of the Church I attended in college.  If I had a mantra this would be it :

“It’s not your circumstances that determine your position and outlook in life, rather
it’s how you choose to repsond to them.”

Basically it says you and you alone are responsible for your mood and your attitude 🙂


2 Responses to “betterME Day 7 : Randomness”

  1. Something tells me that whomever finds the notes won’t be able to help smiling. I’ve got an idea for you – how about ‘giving a helping hand to somebody you do not know’. Be it as simple as holding the door for a mother trying to wrangle her kids to asking somebody if you can help them get their groceries to their car.

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