betterME : Week 1 Recap :-)

What I learned about myself so far :

* My comfort zone is really small and I need to work on expanding it.  While not really “shy” I’ve never been one to initiate conversations with people I don’t know.  I’ve always left that up to others.
* Doing things for others makes me feel good, but that’s always been true about me and I’ve always known that.  Doing things to encourage others, even if random, unseen, and in little, remote ways has always been a central part of my personality.
* At least in terms of certain “controllable” things I don’t mind trying new and untested things.  I know however when doing something new that is bigger I’ll probably have a more difficult time doing it.  Cooking something new and difficult or running a marathon are beyond my limits yet I know they are certainly something I’m capable of.  But how will I handle something more challenging especially if it’s in regards to a fear or past failure?

Here are the stats after one week :

Daily Challenges Issued : 7
Daily Challenges Completed 7 (realistically 6.5)

Weekly Challenges Issued : 1
Weekly Challenges Completed : 1 (in progress)

Completed :

Day 1 : Declutter socially

Result : Elimated over 70 non-friends on Facebook, removed myself from over 45 automated
email lists, removed non-essential automatic re-bills saving over $40 a month. Also pre-paid my auto
insurance for 6 months saving another $60.  Paired down buddy lists on on chat programs.

Day 2 : Remove unhealthy relationships (1 of 5 completed)

Result : already said enough on this one

Day 3 : Do Something you didn’t think you could or ever would

Result : Signed up for the Atlanta Half Marathon running on Thanksgiving Day

Day 4 : Cook Something you didn’t think you could or ever would

Result : Made some rather tasty Shrimp & Crab souffle’s

Day 5 : Social Skydive for 3-5 minutes

Result : Made moderate progress with two brief conversations.  Didn’t mark this complete so it
can come up again. We’ll call this one half complete but I did learn things about myself.  This
challenge so far is the one that is testing my comfort zone the most.  This one’s gonna take some work!

Day 6 : Gather unused items to donate

Result : Cleaned closet and filled 3 bags of clothing to donate

Day 7 : Leave random notes of encouragement for others

Result : Left 6 notes with my favorite quotes that make me smile for someone to find.  Still doing
this one today and tomorrow as well. It actually made me feel quite good.

Weekly Challenge (in progress) : Smile and say “hi” to everyone I pass

Result : Continually smiling makes yourself feel good.  Details on this challenge to be posted

Update later this evening on today’s challenge.


One Response to “betterME : Week 1 Recap :-)”

  1. Brandon Says:

    YAY! I wasn’t edited from your FB “friend” list! It’s been a long time since we last spoke and I’m sure our paths have taken us in two completely different directions but it’s refreshing to see how you’re successfully progressing on your path. I think this is a great initiative of yours and I encourage you to keep it going.

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