betterME Day 10 : Going loco.. err umm.. Local.. with a price !

The challenge du jour was to support local business owners.  This was easier than I thought it would be.  My normal daily routine (at least on a work day) is LA Fitness for gym time, then Starbucks for coffee, perhaps Chick-Fil-A or Dunkin Donuts for a breakfast item (or even QT).  For lunch something at Kroger, Wendy’s or Zaxbys and then dinner at home, by Zifty, or eating out.

Today I visited my local community gym,Absolute Body Symmetry, which is less than a mile from me.  I actually pass it when I run.  It’s a small privately owned gym.  Small as in think the size of a convenience store.  Not all the amenities of LA Fitness, but not all the crowd either.  While they didn’t have a few pieces of equipment, I as able to finish my normal routine, all in the comfort of only 4 other people.  It’s normally $5 for a guest but the very nice lady at the front desk let me in for free to try the place.  Cost $0.00 🙂

After workout, I headed over to Joe’s Coffee Shop in East Atlanta, which is probably my favorite non-chain coffee house in Atlanta.  Ok, it’s one of my faves as I have many.  I got my normal iced skim mocha with an extra shot, which at Starbucks costs $5.20 — at Joe’s it was $3.24 🙂

For lunch I went to Quick Chik which is about as local as you can get.  Homemade Southern cooking made by…. the Vietnamese family that owns the place.  I had some grilled chicken, green beans, and black eyed peas.  Total for lunch $5.20 🙂

I wont two tickets to a showing of “Social Network” at The Fox Theater for tonight.  Despite the tix being free, the Fox is still a local business.  I’ve already seen the movie but hey, it’s free.  So I’m taking my friend Patrick and were off to see it in a bit.  Cost $0.00 🙂

We’ll grab dinner before at Vortex, which of course is a local place and the best damned burgers in Atlanta, IMHO.

So far my “local business” day hasn’t cost me much, in fact less, than the fancy national chains.

Oh yes, I did get a speeding ticket for doing 68mph on I-20 on the way to work in Conyers.  Yes, the limit is 55mph, but hey its O.T.P. and there were dozens of peeps rushing past me going 75mph and faster.  Oh well, I was the one that got caught.  So with that I firmly supported the local community of DeKalb County!

With that in mind the challenge tomorrow is :

* Drive the speed limit all day

Well that one should be interesting.

The weekly challenge to smile and say hi to everyone took a hit today because, well, I’m tired and it just wasn’t on my mind.  So that was kind of a washout today.  I’ve already works 41 hours this week but that’s no excuse.  I will make up for it tomorrow.

Comments, folks.  I live for your comments and suggestions.  Maybe I’m a far better person than I realize. HA Kidding 🙂


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