betterME Day 12 : Touch Your Head to the Floor

The challenge was to take a Yoga class.

I’ve never taken one before.  I workout 4x a week and I run at least 4 miles 3x a week.  I’m a fairly strong guy and I’m in good shape.  But man, Yoga was tiring and requires a lot of strength in your legs and upper body.  There are a lot of positions where you’re holding your entire body weight up by your arms or the weight is transferred to your legs.

Strong? Yes.  Flexible?  Not really.  I couldn’t hold most of the positions for the full length.  One of the first was to stand with your legs far apart, bend over, and touch your head to the floor.  Yes, your head to the floor.  That was almost impossible for me but as the instructor said “Yoga is an exercise of target and aim”.  In other words you may not be able do something now but as long as you have a goal and keep trying it’s ok.  Just keep working towards it.  Another thing that struck me as an “aha”… We were working on a position where our heads were to be completely relaxed and hanging, instead of looking up.  The instructor said “Heads weigh a lot.  You have to get your head out of the way”.  I know she was talking physically about the head but I interpreted it as a warning about thinking too much.  Sometimes the head does get in the way.   I know many times I tend to over think and over analyze things.  It’s like my head gets in the way.  Hmm.. verrryy interesting 🙂

All in all I’d say it was a great and cool experience.  Was it relaxing  During class I’d say no, but after I’d definitely say I was more relaxed and had a sense of calmness about me.  I would definitely do it again and I whole heartedly advise everyone to at least try one class just for the experience.

RNG says tomorrow :

* Learn to say something in 5 different languages

So there you have it.  I walk away from Yoga class with an analogy to thinking.  Yay me.


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