betterME Day 13 : hallo, hoe gaat u vandaag

So yeah, that’s “Hi.  How’re you today?” in Dutch.  My goal today was to learn to say something in at least 5 different languages.  I picked that phrase because it’s the basis for most any conversation.  I picked the languages from countries I’ve been to or want to go to.  So here they are :

  • Dutch : Hallo. Hoe gaat u vandaag?
  • Czech : Ahoj.  Jak se mas dnes?
  • Spanish : Hola.  Como estas hoy?
  • German : Hallo. Wie geht es Ihnen heute?
  • French : Bonjour.  Comment allez-vous, aujourd’hui?
  • and I threw in Italian : Ciao.  Come stai oggi?

My pronunciation is probably not the best, especially on the Dutch and Czech but the site I learned from had audio clips so I’m hoping I’m pretty close.  I’ll have to go over them for the next couple of days or I’ll never remember them.  In addition to the above, I also learned to say the phrase in American Sign Language (ASL) in relation the my Day 9 challenge to learn something new in which I decided to start learning ASL.  In addition to that I completed my first ASL lesson today!!

The daily challenge for tomorrow according to the press of the button on the RNG is :

* Create a budget and stick to it

Good timing on that one.  I used to have a budget I adhered to daily but haven’t done that in a long time so yeah, it’s time to get back to it.

The weekly challenge to smile and say “hi” to those I pass is now over.  For the most part, all I got in return was strange looks, mumbles, or worse even no response at all.  However, I think I enjoyed the randomness and unexpectedness of the challenge so I’ll continue to do this 🙂

For the coming days, the weekly challenge will be :

* Pay it forward or take on random acts of kindness when the opportunity presents itself

I added some links to the posts that should allow you to comment via twitter or facebook to make it a little easier.. that is if I installed them correctly. LOL  You can leave comments and of course your challenges and suggestions are most welcome!



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