betterME Day 15 : Sucking it Up

So the challenge was to do something I think I’m bad at or I suck at.  It wasn’t hard to pick what I think I suck at.. what I know I’m bad at.

This morning for my cardio I hopped on the gym’s basketball court and attempted to “play” basketball. Never have been able to… Still can’t either 🙂  Dunno why.  I’m an athletic person.  I played soccer for 8 years, 1 year of football, and 3 years of baseball.  I swim, I run, and I jog.  I can play tennis and racquetball and some other activities.  But I can’t play basketball.  Can make a basket, can’t dribble, can’t dunk.  I don’t know if it’s because I’m short or just lack the skills necessary.

Nonetheless I played for about 20 mins, running around, throwing the ball up and missing badly, and attempting to dribble.  I think I made 2 baskets. There were people looking at me, no doubt snickering at me. That’s ok, I was laughing at myself too.  LOL  But I had fun and I got some exercise in and that’s what counts.   The message here is you don’t have to be great at something in order to enjoy it.  I was there for me and that’s all that counts.  (yeah I’m sure the clip-art is pretty much what I looked like).

Tomorrow’s mission is :

* Greet people by name (for example a barista or sales clerk, etc) as often as possible

No update on the weekly pay-it-forward challenge… yet.  I travel tomorrow and the airport might have some possibilities for a random act of kindness.  If so I’ll let you know.

Ok so today is day 15. Halfway!  16 challenges completed and I have a list with 110 items on it.  What a small dent I’ve made.  But now It’s my turn to challenge you.  If you’re reading this pick one of the completed challenges and do it yourself.  I dare you.  I challenge you.  And then report back 🙂  Simple, eh?  What do you have to lose?  Go for it!



One Response to “betterME Day 15 : Sucking it Up”

  1. That’s great! Definately in the catagory of ‘stepping outside your comfort zone’. I can’t throw a baseball to save my life!

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