betterME Day 17 : Thinking Man

The mission today was a bit of an odd one : think before you speak. We all get into situations where words come out before we mean them too.  It could be in anger, due to stress, or even do to surprise or just a slip of the tongue.  When I get stressed out I tend to speak directly and bluntly.  That’s not always the best way to say things, especially since  large part of my job is dealing with clients.

So my goal today was to say what I mean and what I intended but to do it in a gentle way that still gets the point across without being abrasive.  I only had a few opportunities but I made the best of them.  Instead of letting stress get to me I slowed down and didn’t make tense situations worse by saying something I shouldn’t 🙂

My apologies for the brevity for the post, but I’m out of town for work. And speaking of tomorrow is going to be a very long, very tiring, very stressing day as a major project kicks off.  With that in mind the challenge for tomorrow is to do something to reduce/relieve/eliminate stress.


One Response to “betterME Day 17 : Thinking Man”

  1. I was wondering if you’d still be able to do the challenges while visiting clients. I’m getting caught up on BetterME becuase I missed a couple posts. Keep it up! 🙂

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