betterME Day 19 : One Weakness isn’t Enough

“Sometimes our greatest strength come from our weakness”

The challenge for me was to identify a weakness and then seek solutions to improve it.  To be honest I haven’t had a lot of time today to work on this.  As I mentioned earlier I’n out of town on business and work has kept me quite busy and I’ve only had a little bit of downtown.

But when the challenge came up in the Random Number Generator a few things did come to mind.  They were obvious things that I already knew before the challenge.. probably things I knew entering betterME.

First there are so many ways to go so which area do I pick a weakness in? Personal? Social? Professional? I think I’m going to have to come back to this challenge when I have more time to think about it.  I won’t mark it completed but I will at least start a list of things I feel I could improve on.  To keep my commitment to work on betterME every day I did at least identify a few things but I didn’t get into details or work on ways to improve.  But here they are.  Socially I tend to stick to the people I know and not venture outside the group.  Personally I can take my joking and sarcasm too far, and professionally I tend to get caught up in the process and forget the people needed to make the process happen.

So at least thats a start.  I’m sure there’s more so I’ll work on the list and to make up for the shortcoming today, I’ll pick two to work on and make an update later in the betterME challenge.  Sorry folks, but I guess this one is mostly a bust 😦

but betterME continues.  The challenge for tomorrow is do something nice and unexpected for someone you don’t know.

Well that kind of sounds like the weeks challenge to do random acts of kindness/pay-it-forward which I have badly neglected since the airport on Wednesday – granted I haven’t had much time or interaction with others for a good opportunity.  But I will definitely be on the lookout for chances to work on both of these tomorrow.

I’m incredibly tired so I’m gonna call this a wrap and catch ya tomorrow.


3 Responses to “betterME Day 19 : One Weakness isn’t Enough”

  1. Is this challenge the one that you think will be the hardest to work on? Not meaning finding the time, but I think for anybody, this would be the hardest to work on.

    • The hardest part is probably finding ways to improve on things you identify as weaknesses. I think most everyone know’s their own weaknesses that why they avoid certain situations and places. At least finding surface level ones is easy. Maybe it’s harder to dig deep and find the big ones.

      • You can also look at it as baby steps. Starting with the surface onces and admitting those will build up your strength to deal with the bigger, deeper ones. 🙂

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