betterME Day 20 : Forwardly, Randomly, Kindly

Today’s post will be really short as work has me incredibly tired.  It’s only 8pm and I’m about to head to bed.  The challenge today was to do something random/nice for a stranger.  This is along the lines of doing random acts of kindness and/or paying it forward.

So here is what I did :

* I bought three Starbucks giftcards and asked the Barista to give one to the next person that came in and another to someone who was short some change.  I have the third still so I can “pay it forward: again.

* I left my waiter from dinner an extra generous tip

* I let my client I am working with head home early leaving me behind on a Sunday in a giant 5-story building all by my self

Tomorrow’s goal is to stretch, which is something I used to do all the time but stopped sometime ago because I always say I never have time 😦

Nite nite folks!


One Response to “betterME Day 20 : Forwardly, Randomly, Kindly”

  1. That’s awesome! 🙂

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