betterME Day 28 : How you durrin’ ?

Challenge 28 for yesterday was to catch up and connect with an old friend.  I wasn’t able to get in contact with the person I waned to yesterday so I tried again this morning.

I talked with one of my good friends, Alan, who lives in NW Arkansas.  I do consider him one of my best friends, despite having not seen him in almost 2 years.  We used to call several times a week and if not we at least kept in contact via text.  But in the last year we’ve both gotten so busy and our lives changed so much that we don’t talk nearly that often.

But as it is with good friends, despite the time and distance, once we said “hello” this morning on the phone it was just like we had seen and talked to each other last week.

I was on my way to work and he was on his way to work so we had about 20 mins to catch up.  And that’s just what we did.  It was a great and refreshing way to start my day.  It put a smile on my face and put me in a good mood to start work. 🙂

So who do you need to catch up with?  Give them a call right now !

So on to the weekly challenge to start going green.  While I’ve not put anything into place I have started researching what I can do to make my green effort a reality.

First, we already recycle at home.  We have a huge blue bin that we fill up.  So that’s at least a minor step.  But here are some other things I can start doing :

  1. Plant an herb garden : this is something I’ve wanted to do anyway
  2. Switch lights to CFL
  3. Make sure appliances are Energy Savers (most of them already are)
  4. Start using reusable grocery bags
  5. Use reusable water bottles and not plastic disposable : Easy to start doing
  6. Use reusable coffee cups : An easy switch as well
  7. Green power from utilities : Ga Power lets you purchase some of your energy from renewable sources.  I’m still getting the details on this one so an update will follow.
  8. Do a home energy audit : Done – you can actually do this through GaPower’s website
  9. Collect rain water
  10. Turn down water temp : Ok, I love hot showers and admittedly it’s turned up, but down it must go.
  11. Wash in cold water : Usually do this anyway
  12. Fix leaky faucets and toilets
  13. Use cloth napkins

I’ll continue to add to the list and make updates when I put them into place.  At least I’ve go some green initiatives going already!   What can you do to make things green?   Bet it’s a lot easier than you think !

And for today, the challenge is to call customer service after a GREAT experience.

See ya later today!


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