betterME Day 29 : Service, Please!

The challenge today was to contact customer service after GOOD service.  Since it was random there was no guarantee that a chance for this would come up.  I’m actually in a customer service oriented job (as most of us are) so the shoe is usually on the other foot, as it’s usually clients calling us to report on good or bad customer service.

However a situation did come up that fit the criteria for this challenge so I took it.

As you know last week I was out of town at a client site completing an 8-month long project.  It was a big project for a big client.  I was fortunate to work with 3 individuals on the project team that went above and beyond what most clients do.  They accommodated every request I made, made sure I had everything I needed and more, and took all the steps necessary to make the project a success.

The night we kicked off the final phase we ran into issue after issue and complication after complication.  Instead of laying blame, panicing, or giving up, they worked together, with me, as a team to focus on the issue and come up with a solution.  That made for an incredibly stress free environment.

They project went well, completed with zero errors or issues and everyone was happy.

So I found out who the Vice President was in charge of the division I was working with.  I wrote her an email praising the individuals I worked with, noting there dedication, effort, and help.

In return I got a message from my boss thanking me for sending the email to the VP and thanking me for my efforts on the project.  It’s true – what goes around comes around.

So when you get good or great service, let someone know!  Email it, call it, blog it, post it, share it.  Let someone know you appreciate service out of the ordinary!

The challenge for day 30 is to create some short term goals.

Coming to wind down and getting ready for the next phase of betterME, but what shall it be?


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