betterME Day 30 : GOooooAaaalll !!

The challenge of the day was to create short term goals. At first I thought that might give me some trouble.  So for inspiration I spent part of the day reviewing the past posts I’ve made.  As I read them I noticed a lot of comments where I said “I’ll keep this up” or “I’ll come back to this later” so I realized that most of the short term goals have been made thru betterME.  So I used that as a starting place and then added a few more to the list.

Here they are in no particular order :

  • continue betterME in some format
  • smile and say “hi” to everyone I pass (week 2 challenge)
  • continue looking at ways to go green and implementing them (week 4 challenge)
  • beef up my training for the half marathon  (challenge 3)
  • expand my comfort zone in talking to strangers thru social skydiving (challenge 5)
  • at random times leave random notes (challenge 7)
  • do more geocaching (challenge 8 )
  • continue learning sign language on my own (challenge 9) : i’ve completed 3 lessons and signed up for a fall class
  • keep fine tuning ad adhering to a budget (challenge 14)
  • seek what needs to be improved and ways to improve it  (challenge 19)
  • practice random acts of kindness (challenge 20)
  • maintain my lists which include things that make me happy (24), things to be thankful and grateful for (25), and things I can’t control (26) : I’ve started using EverNote to keep my lists on.  EverNote has web, desktop, and mobile apps so I can read and add to my lists at my PC at work, laptop at home, and on my cell phone.  I’ll also maintain this list of goals (challenge 30 — LOL)
  • surround myself with people that help me achieve my goals and encourage me
  • get my 3rd tattoo within the next 60 days
  • continue working on relationships improving and reconnecting where needing, moving on where needing, and seeking new people to meet

I think that’s a pretty good start and for short term goals enough to fill my time and energy over the next few months.  What do you think?   What are your goals?  Got em?  If not what are you working towards?  What motivates you?

Go for day 31 is to decide what to do next with betterME!




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