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Take a Chill Pill

Posted in Uncategorized on August 15, 2012 by cklaslan

Yesterday I experienced  my first transportation disruption since moving to NYC.  A fire in a subway station caused shutdown of 2 major lines, the N/Q/R and the B/D/F/M lines, specifically cutting off Brooklyn from Manhattan.  It occurred during rush hour as many were trying to get home.

For me it was just a minor inconvenience as I was trying to get from Hells Kitchen down to 23rd so I simply had to take another train (a 1) and do some extra walking across town.

But for many it turned their 30 minute commute home into 2+ hours.

For entertainment I read Twitter and #MTA tags and realized that some people have a knack for over reacting and a flare for drama.

Here is a very small sampling :

  • #MTA absolute disaster the worth organization EVER I hope that MTA rots in hell
  • Just walked 40 something blocks in my dress shoes before I caught a less crowded bus. There’s sweat where swear should not be. Fuck the #MTA
  • what kind of world do we live in where D,Q,N and R trains are suspended between 34th and Dekalb due to debris on the track?#mta
  • Please don’t do this to me when my fall semester starts or else I will seriously curse you out #MTA
  • Hey #mta workers, I know you get shit on all the time, but that does not give you license to be a raging asshole

And then my favorite :

  • who makes the decisions to reroute trains? If I were this incompetent @ my job I’d been fired long ago. #mta

Now I know there are some devious people in the world, and yes even in NYC.  But I think it’s a pretty sure bet that there is not an MTA employee who sits behind some console monitors, eating Pringles, drinking coffee, randomly pressing buttons to reroute trains at a whim just to piss off riders.

At least here you have the option of taking a bus or another train.  In Atlanta, it’s a common occurrence for the connector (where I75 and I85 combine downtown) to be shut down for hours due to jumpers, accidents, or just plain congestion.  You could be stuck there for hours.  No alternate train to take.  No bus to catch.  Just you in your car waiting for it to reopen or traffic to move another 3 feet.  Take a look at the photo to the right, and that’s the connector on a good night.

Get a grip people.  Shit happens.  Accidents occur.  Mistakes are made.  Parts fail.  People disappoint.  So Chill!

But yelling, screaming, blaming, and worrying do nothing for you, others, or the problem at hand.  It accomplishes nothing.  It resolves nothing.  It contributes nothing.  You have absolutely no control over MTA or the schedule of trains so why worry about it?

I’ve always lived by the motto “If you don’t control it don’t worry about it”.  If you do, it’s simply a waste of your time and effort.

Then if something IS in your control, you still shouldn’t spend time worrying about it — You should spend time doing something about it.  If you’re unhappy with your weight, do something about it.  If you’re unhappy with your financial situation, do something about it.  If you’re unhappy with your job, commute, or relationship, then do something about.  Moaning, whining, complaining, and worrying about things doesn’t alter the reality of the situation.

So if it’s out of your control, then forget about it.  If it’s in your control, make a change and do something about it.  Just don’t freak out, fret, and make a scene.  It’s just a waste of time when you do.

But I do admire reading the Tweets about it 🙂


Better Late Than Never

Posted in Comfort Zone, Community, Fun, Relationships, Self Improvement, Social on August 14, 2012 by cklaslan

Ok, so it’s been a while since I posted to my blog… a long while.  I am definitely due.

Wow, it’s been 9 months and a lot has happened, so let me give you the Cliff Notes version.

1) The subject of the last blog turned out to be a liar, flake, and a complete fake who stomped all over my feelings and heart and has yet to even offer a single word of sorrow, regret, explanation, or made any attempt at anything close to an apology

2) I got a new job!

3) I moved to New York City!  Yup this Southern boy has transplanted to the Northeast.  Check back later to see how I survive winter.

I got a great job offer and moved up here in Apr and settled into Hell’s Kitchen in June.  I live on 42nd street just 3 blocks from Times Square!  NYC is an amazing city and I love it here.  My affection for coffee has increased since moving as there is obviously an abundance of Starbucks but also tons of quaint, local, coffeehouses as well.

I’ve been here only  4 months and I’ve already learned a few things :

1) There are fakes and flakes everywhere.  It’s not the city, it’s the human race, and in 4 short months I’ve already met my fair share of them!

2) NYC is very cliquish!! There are so many groups, cliques, and circles of friends that are already well established and they seem to resist new people.  Oh they will tweet you out the ass, but God forbid you actually want to meet them.  I can’t tell you how many people I’ve added and have even added me on Twitter and Facebook and will tweet me daily and/or weekly but make no effort to put a real person to it.  I absolutely do not understand that.  I’d much rather meet someone for real.  That being said in a few cases, I have managed to break through the “no new people” walls and met a couple of cool people that are “keepers”.

3) If someone does say the want or will meet you, don’t you put ounce of stock into that until you actually seem them face to face.

4) Atlanta is hotter but you feel it more in NYC because you’re out in it longer.  Yes in Atlanta it gets
90/100 in Aug/Sept but let’s face it you are only in the heat the 3 minutes it takes to walk from your air conditioned office to your air conditioned car.  NYC may only be 85 in Aug but you have a 10 minute walk to/from the train, not to mention the 10 minute wait in the train station where its 90 degrees and 85% humidity.  Bring on the Fall !!!

5) I do amazingly well on my own.  Having had roommates/partners in house for the previous 13 years I adjusted fairly quickly to being back on my own.  I fill my time exploring the city, running, working out, and taking photos.  Yes, I’ve become an Instagram whore — you can see my photos at  The TV is hardly ever on.  Oh and I got my website back up too!  It’s at

6) I have a lot to offer someone.  Being back on my own, and having to meet people on my own made me realize I’m a very trusting, caring, enthusiastic, out going, funny, sensitive, romantic, honest, fun, adventurous person!  It’s amazing how all that comes out when you have to meet people on your own merits.  When you already have a circle of friends, it’s easy to meet people thru them (by word of mouth) and not have to do that much.  But when you’re on your own you have to work harder to meet people. and at least for me, that brings out more of my personality

I guess that’s all for now.  I do hope to blog more frequently as I explore the city, learn more about myself, continue to settle into this great and awesome city.

Stay tuned!