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betterME Day 14 : Put a Cap on it!

Posted in Finance on June 13, 2011 by cklaslan

The challenge was to create (and maintain) a budget.  This is something I used to be very anal about.  Through 2008 I would daily check my bank balances, balance my checking accounts, and enter all expenses and bills and plan my spending through the next 3 months.  Then I lost my job, and well, it was pointless since there wasn’t much to track and what there was to track was depressing.  So I got out of the habit.

Now I find myself at the end of each month wondering why my money went.  So it’s time to bet back on a budget.  I went through the last 3 months of bills and expenses to see what is recurring and what my spending habits have been.  Without any kind of spending changes I SHOULD have almost $200 a month left over to invest or save.  Should, is the operative word.  I call my auto insurance company and save some money there, called my credit card company and got a tiny reduction there, and eliminated more non-essential expenditures.  Even with some liberal spending on eating out and entertaining, if I follow the budget I should still have between $250-$300 each month.  Part of that depends on how much the power bill is during the summer moths, which can get quite high.

So the budget is done, now the hard part of sticking to it!

No pay-it-forward opportunities came up today as I didn’t go anywhere but work today and spent the whole time in my cubicle.  Perhaps tomorrow.  When it happens, it will.

For tomorrow the challenge is

* Try something you think you’re bad at

Tomorrow is halfway thru!  YAY!