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betterME Day 15 : Sucking it Up

Posted in Fitness, Fun on June 14, 2011 by cklaslan

So the challenge was to do something I think I’m bad at or I suck at. ¬†It wasn’t hard to pick what I think I suck at.. what I know I’m bad at.

This morning for my cardio I hopped on the gym’s basketball court and attempted to “play” basketball. Never have been able to… Still can’t either ūüôā ¬†Dunno why. ¬†I’m an athletic person. ¬†I played soccer for 8 years, 1 year of football, and 3 years of baseball. ¬†I swim, I run, and I jog. ¬†I can play tennis and racquetball and some other activities. ¬†But I can’t play basketball. ¬†Can make a basket, can’t dribble, can’t dunk. ¬†I don’t know if it’s because I’m short or just lack the skills necessary.

Nonetheless I played for about 20 mins, running around, throwing the ball up and missing badly, and attempting to dribble. ¬†I think I made 2 baskets. There were people looking at me, no doubt snickering at me. That’s ok, I was laughing at myself too. ¬†LOL ¬†But I had fun and I got some exercise in and that’s what counts. ¬† The message here is you don’t have to be great at something in order to enjoy it. ¬†I was there for me and that’s all that counts. ¬†(yeah I’m sure the clip-art is pretty much what I looked like).

Tomorrow’s mission is :

* Greet people by name (for example a barista or sales clerk, etc) as often as possible

No update on the weekly pay-it-forward challenge… yet. ¬†I travel tomorrow and the airport might have some possibilities for a random act of kindness. ¬†If so I’ll let you know.

Ok so today is day 15. Halfway! ¬†16 challenges completed and I have a list with 110 items on it. ¬†What a small dent I’ve made. ¬†But now It’s my turn to challenge you. ¬†If you’re reading this pick one of the completed challenges and do it yourself. ¬†I dare you. ¬†I challenge you. ¬†And then report back ūüôā ¬†Simple, eh? ¬†What do you have to lose? ¬†Go for it!



betterME Day 12 : Touch Your Head to the Floor

Posted in Fitness, Health on June 11, 2011 by cklaslan

The challenge was to take a Yoga class.

I’ve never taken one before. ¬†I workout 4x a week and I run at least 4 miles 3x a week. ¬†I’m a fairly strong guy and I’m in good shape. ¬†But man, Yoga was tiring and requires a lot of strength in your legs and upper body. ¬†There are a lot of positions where you’re holding your entire body weight up by your arms or the weight is transferred to your legs.

Strong? Yes. ¬†Flexible? ¬†Not really. ¬†I couldn’t hold most of the positions for the full length. ¬†One of the first was to stand with your legs far apart, bend over, and touch your head to the floor. ¬†Yes, your head to the floor. ¬†That was almost impossible for me but as the instructor said “Yoga is an exercise of target and aim”. ¬†In other words you may not be able do something now but as long as you have a goal and keep trying it’s ok. ¬†Just keep working towards it. ¬†Another thing that struck me as an “aha”… We were working on a position where our heads were to be completely relaxed and hanging, instead of looking up. ¬†The instructor said “Heads weigh a lot. ¬†You have to get your head out of the way”. ¬†I know she was talking physically about the head but I interpreted it as a warning about thinking too much. ¬†Sometimes the head does get in the way. ¬† I know many times I tend to over think and over analyze things. ¬†It’s like my head gets in the way. ¬†Hmm.. verrryy interesting ūüôā

All in all I’d say it was a great and cool experience. ¬†Was it relaxing ¬†During class I’d say no, but after I’d definitely say I was more relaxed and had a sense of calmness about me. ¬†I would definitely do it again and I whole heartedly advise everyone to at least try one class just for the experience.

RNG says tomorrow :

* Learn to say something in 5 different languages

So there you have it.  I walk away from Yoga class with an analogy to thinking.  Yay me.

betterME Day 10 : Going loco.. err umm.. Local.. with a price !

Posted in Community, Fitness, Fun, Social on June 9, 2011 by cklaslan

The challenge du jour was to support local business owners. ¬†This was easier than I thought it would be. ¬†My normal daily routine (at least on a work day) is LA Fitness for gym time, then Starbucks for coffee, perhaps Chick-Fil-A or Dunkin Donuts for a breakfast item (or even QT). ¬†For lunch something at Kroger, Wendy’s or Zaxbys and then dinner at home, by Zifty, or eating out.

Today I visited my local community gym,Absolute Body Symmetry, which is less than a mile from me. ¬†I actually pass it when I run. ¬†It’s a small privately owned gym. ¬†Small as in think the size of a convenience store. ¬†Not all the amenities of LA Fitness, but not all the crowd either. ¬†While they didn’t have a few pieces of equipment, I as able to finish my normal routine, all in the comfort of only 4 other people. ¬†It’s normally $5 for a guest but the very nice lady at the front desk let me in for free to try the place. ¬†Cost $0.00 ūüôā

After workout, I headed over to Joe’s Coffee Shop in East Atlanta, which is probably my favorite non-chain coffee house in Atlanta. ¬†Ok, it’s one of my faves as I have many. ¬†I got my normal iced skim mocha with an extra shot, which at Starbucks costs $5.20 — at Joe’s it was $3.24 ūüôā

For lunch I went to Quick Chik which is about as local as you can get. ¬†Homemade Southern cooking made by…. the Vietnamese family that owns the place. ¬†I had some grilled chicken, green beans, and black eyed peas. ¬†Total for lunch $5.20 ūüôā

I wont two tickets to a showing of “Social Network” at The Fox Theater for tonight. ¬†Despite the tix being free, the Fox is still a local business. ¬†I’ve already seen the movie but hey, it’s free. ¬†So I’m taking my friend Patrick and were off to see it in a bit. ¬†Cost $0.00 ūüôā

We’ll grab dinner before at Vortex, which of course is a local place and the best damned burgers in Atlanta, IMHO.

So far my “local business” day hasn’t cost me much, in fact less, than the fancy national chains.

Oh yes, I did get a speeding ticket for doing 68mph on I-20 on the way to work in Conyers.  Yes, the limit is 55mph, but hey its O.T.P. and there were dozens of peeps rushing past me going 75mph and faster.  Oh well, I was the one that got caught.  So with that I firmly supported the local community of DeKalb County!

With that in mind the challenge tomorrow is :

* Drive the speed limit all day

Well that one should be interesting.

The weekly challenge to smile and say hi to everyone took a hit today because, well, I’m tired and it just wasn’t on my mind. ¬†So that was kind of a washout today. ¬†I’ve already works 41 hours this week but that’s no excuse. ¬†I will make up for it tomorrow.

Comments, folks. ¬†I live for your comments and suggestions. ¬†Maybe I’m a far better person than I realize. HA Kidding ūüôā

betterME Day 8 : Something Old

Posted in Fitness, Fun, Hobby on June 7, 2011 by cklaslan

So the challenge today was to do something I enjoyed in the past and haven’t done in a long time. The activity I picked I haven’t done in over 3 years but used to do it most every weekend for a while. ¬†The activity ? ¬†GeoCaching.

If you’re thinking WTF or WTH? Read on.

In May of 2000 a man in Oregon hid a small container that held small trinkets. ¬†He posted the GPS coordinates on a website and asked whoever found it to log on and note the find. ¬†The “GeoCache” took hold and today there are over 1.4 millions GeoCache’s hidden in over 200 countries.

The idea is to logon to the website, or use a mobile app (iPhone, Android, etc) to locate the ones near you.  The GPS gets you pretty close and then you just have to look around to find the container.  Once found you take something but if you take, you have to replace it with something else and you sign the log.  Items are usually fairly small and inexpensive but could be things like gift cards, coins, toys, small books, and even DVDs and CDs.  Some caches are very small (35mm film canister or magnetic key holder) and are more difficult to find.  The site contains hints and notes from others to help out.

So today I went GeoCaching for the first time in three years using only my Droid. ¬†My Geo-senses were a little off so I only found 3 of the 6 I looked for. ¬†Despite the heat, I liked getting back to it, got a little more exercise (I ran 2.5 miles this morning), drank a Frappuccino while I did it, saw some interesting things, had a good time, and enjoyed some relaxing, chilling “ME” time ūüôā ¬†And I did it just for me so I could have some fun. ¬†Though I will say GeoCaching is also fun with a friend (and perhaps a bit easier).

If you’re still ¬†thinking WTF or WTH GeoCaching is cool because:

  • It’s an outdoor activity! ¬†What’s better than that?
  • All the walking around is good for you. ¬†You can usually park in an area that has concentrated GeoCaches and walk to several of them (like in a park, urban area, or neighborhood).
  • It lets you find and discover new areas. ¬†For instance did you know that in the¬†Atlanta city limits there is a wildlife preserve complete with a boardwalk over a¬†marsh/swap? ¬†Yep there’s a GeoCache there. ¬†There are GeoCache’s in historical¬†places so if you’re into history you can learn more about the area you’re in. ¬†I’ve¬†been to parks, trails, PATH, the beltline, and many other places.

If you just like to hunt and find things, like solving puzzles based on slim clues then you’d like GeoCaching. ¬†You can learn more at¬† and

And an update on the weekly challenge to smile and say hi to those I pass. ¬†I’ve done this for two days now and I have a few observations :

  • It seems most people just don’t want to smile or prefer walking around with an empty blank expression on their face.
  • When you say smile at ¬†someone in passing most people aren’t expecting it and don’t know what to do or say and will continue on their way.
  • You’ll get stranger looks if you say “hi” to someone in passing. ¬†The verbal connection seems to at least get more reactions. ¬†Some people will do the head nod as an acknowledge but a few have replied back, though most is something they mutter under their breath
  • I tried a few “How’s it going?” in passing and got no responses. LOL
  • Walking around with a perpetual smile, smiling at everyone, and greeting everyone has to put you in a good mood. ¬†It did me.

I’ll keep this up for the rest of this week and see if I can get more than some ignores and a few head nods. ¬†This is slowly working it’s way into the Social Skydiving challenge from earlier in the week that gave me some trouble.

Today I also left two more notes in random places.

Since today’s challenge was to do something old, tomorrow’s challenge is :

* to do/learn something new

OK folks, time for you to step up. ¬†Send me some challenges that will betterME! — something that will force me out of my comfort zone, provide ways for me to grow as a person, or possibly even change a bad habit. I’d love for this weekend to include another challenge for the internet domain. ¬†Happy Tuesday!

betterME Day 3 : Pushing the Limits

Posted in Fitness, Health, Limits on June 2, 2011 by cklaslan

betterME Day 3 : Pushing the Limits!

OK, so the challenge for today was :

* do something you didn’t think you could or ever would

With that in mind today I joined the Atlanta Track Club and I also signed up for, paid for, registered, and entered the Atlanta Half Marathon (13.1 miles) that’s to be run on Thanksgiving day this year !

I’ve run several 10K (6.26 miles) before but never anything over that.

In the past my training has pretty much consisted of training for the Peachtree Road Race 10K around March or April, running the race in July and then doing nothing until the following April. LOL

With the Half Marathon in November it will give me motivation to keep running and training after the Peachtree is over.

If anyone wants to train for the Half Marathon with me let me know!!

Also, while I’m not quite ready for a full marathon (26.6 miles) Atlanta also hosts a Marathon Relay for a 4 member team which splits the distance between the 4 team members. ¬†The race is Oct 30 and at least for me would be a good tune up run for the Half Marathon. ¬†So if anyone is interested in joining a team with me please let me know !

Fate/RNG has determined that tomorrow’s challenge shall be…. >>>> drumroll <<<<

* cook something you’ve never cooked before or think you couldn’t cook

Anyone for dinner? LOL Check back to see how I do ūüôā

As always any comments, ideas, suggestions, and your own thoughts are more than welcome !! ¬†I of course welcome any challenges from the reading mass to do this weekend ūüôā