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betterME Day 11 : Whoa there buddy.. take it easy.

Posted in Law, Safety on June 10, 2011 by cklaslan

The goal today was to drive the speed limit.

Holy crap that is F’ing hard as hell!   Here are the things that I learned :

1) When no speed limit is posted the speed limit by default is 35mph.  Yep so no sign means 35mph, no whatever you want it to be.  That street in your neighborhood where the kids play?  It’s 35mph unless posted otherwise.  So it’s 35mph on Freedom Parkway because no limit is posted

2) 35mph is way slow on Moreland Blvd

3) 55mph is incredibly freaking slow on I-20 eastbound towards conyers.  Actually did you know that the speed on all interstates ITP are 55mph?  Driving 55mph on the interstate is TERRIFYING!  I actually felt more like a safety threat going that slow than I did when I speed!  I did have the courtesy and respect to drive in the right-most lane, unlike most people in Atlanta.  Even then people would blaze up to me and wait until the last second to go around me. I kinda, sorta, cheated so you are free to call me out if you want, but 55 was way too slow so I allowed myself to go 6 miles over the limit.  Once it changed to 65mph I stayed at the speed limit.

4) Driving the speed limit will get you a lot of nasty looks, fingers, glares, and people riding your ass.

5) Speed limits given on yellow signs are not enforceable, they are only recommended.

Went out to dinner with my roomies and best friend over in Decatur and yes they questioned about my lack of speed. DeKalb Avenue? Yep, 35mph!

RNG/Fate has issued the following challenge for tomorrow :

* Take a Yoga class

Nope, I’ve never been to any kind of Yoga class before so a new experience it shall be!