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betterME Day 18 : A Stress Free day (NOT!)

Posted in Encouragement, Relationships, Social, Stress, Teamwork on June 18, 2011 by cklaslan

Sorry this post for yesterday is late, but it was a long day.  I’m at a client site for work completing a project and I was up till 3am and them back up at 9am this morning.

The goal for yesterday was to do what I could to relieve stress for someone else.  I’m not sure how to judge this one.  During the course of this project, of which there are several people are involved, many things went wrong.  Needless to say it could have easily been a panic situation for everyone, including the client.  There were hardware problems, database issues, network problems, and performance issues that deeply impacted the completion of the project (due by Monday morning).

Instead of wonking out, we all worked together as a team and divided up the problems so we could each research them.  We communicated often and effectively to let each other know what was going on, what we were about to do, and the results.  No one panicked.  By the time our minds were mush around 2:30am we had most of the problems resolved but there was a huge one we couldn’t find a solution for.  The result of that left the project limping along over night at 1/4th its capacity.  But everyone was happy with any progress.

We resumed this morning, put our heads to it, and we called in additional resources who provided us with a solution that not only worked, increased performance bu 30% over our previous tests!

So while I did help relieve someone else’s stress it wasn’t by direct actions but rather by team actions, working together, thinking level headed, not over reacting, and not panicking. So there you have it.  Those are the keys to relieving stress not only in yourself but others as well.  If you remain calm and focused, chances are others will be too 🙂

So the task for today is : to identify a weakness and seek ways to improve it.

That’s all for now.  I’ll try to post later tonight about today’s goal but it might be a day late as well.  And yup, probably a dollar short too!

Thanks for reading.  Comments please.  How about a challenge from the reading public?  I see the stats so I know you’re there.  Contributions to the challenge list are welcome.

Have a great Saturday !